Ruben Sanchez a.k.a. El Inmigrante is a Mexican tattoo and illustration artist living in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids. He specialize in dotwork and etching, mainly using just black ink with some touches of color every now and then to give dimension and contrast to the design. Even though he prefers black work tattoos, he is more than capable of doing full color pieces as well. In addition to being mainly geometrically oriented with a sketching illustration style, his designs and compositions also incorporate Mexican motives and design elements from prehispanic illustrations, a theme constantly requested not only by Mexican clients but also by all kinds of international costumers. With a degree in Graphic Design and years of experience working with clients to solve their visual requests through illustration, he ventured in the tattoo world some years ago by taking an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio downtown Guadalajara, the second Largest city in Mexico.